Board of Directors  

2022 Board of Directors

Floyd County
• Judge Robert William Public
• Mayor Les Stapleton Public
• Mary Salyer Low Income
• Larry Kidd Low Income
• Sue English Low Income
• Dean Hall Private
Johnson County
• Judge Mark McKenzie Public
• Mayor Bill Mike Runyon Public
• Linda Duncan Low Income
• Tammy Castle Low Income
• Mike Howell Private
• Michael Endicott Private
Magoffin County
• Judge Matthew Chalmer Wireman Public
• Mayor James “Pete” Shepherd Public
• Jeff Howington Low Income
• Toylia Howard Low Income
• A.B. Conley Private
• Burnis Patrick Private
Martin County
• Judge Colby Kirk Public
• Mayor Eddie Daniels Public
• Lorna Cassady Low Income
• Dottie Horn Low Income
• Donald Setser Low Income
• Heather Cassady Private
Pike County
• Judge Ray S. Jones Public
• Mayor Jimmy Carter Public
• Craig Hamilton Low Income
• Carolyn Tackett Low Income
• Patsy Wagner Low Income
• Polly Arnold Private